Stresstter 6

The Stresstter 6 device enables fully automatic measurement of flat stress in glass sheets. The outcome of the measurement is plotted in the form of a curve showing flat stress values and temperature with respect to the width of glass sheet measured. Measurement of the stress and temperature values is conducted at various points across the glass sheet. The flat stress vector measured in the panel is oriented in the direction of the glass flow on the production line. Stresstter 6 works reliably under regular operating conditions in a manufacturing building, there is no need to lower the lightning in the measurement area or implement any special measures. The flat stress values are measured by Stresstter 6 with high accuracy and guaranteed repeatability.

Apart from clear glass, this measurement method can also be applied to patterned glass or wired glass. The device is provided with an automatic calibration system, which makes calibration very easy. Depending on the actual installation, Stresstter 6 can operate in on-line mode, measuring stress directly on a production line, or even off-line, outside the production line in manufacturing plant. In this case, the device is usually installed between the air cushion tables facilitate the manipulation of the measured glass sheets beneath the device.

Stresstter 6 is fitted with an LCD touch monitor to enable interaction with its operator. The monitor shows a clearly legible menu as part of the user interface provided in the software application to control individual functions of the system. After entering basic data about the test to be conducted and a testing subject, the operator launch the automatic measuring cycle. The optical measurement system moves across the glass sheet to measure flat stress. The measurement values also include the glass surface temperature. When the measurement finishes, the system performs an evaluation of the data rendered. The system issues a test report and the screen displays graphics representing the range of values measured, as well as temperature. The integrated program equipment contains tools for viewing test reports previously saved, together with graphs plotted using the values of flat stress and temperature.

Basic data

  • Type identification:STRESSTTER 6
  • Current type:3-phase, alternating
  • Frequency:50 Hz
  • Nominal operating voltage:400 V
  • Power consumption:0,5 kW
  • Nominal current:10 A
  • Short-circuit-proof:< 10 kA
  • Control circuit voltage:24 V=
  • Distribution network:TN-S, 3 PE+N 230/400V 50Hz
  • Protection:IP 54
  • Weight:cca 450 kg
  • Contamination level:2
  • Stress measurement, range:± 180 nm
    (± 17 MPa for 4 mm thickness)
  • Stress measurement, accuracy:± 1nm
    (± 0,1 MPa for 4 mm thickness)
  • Glass thickness:1,6 to 25 mm
  • Transmittance:10 to 100%
  • Glass width (gross):1200 to 5600 mm
  • Production line height:800 to 1100 mm

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